Gas Meters and Snow

During the winter months, we all struggle to keep our driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.  Well, add another part of your home to that list!  It's important to keep your gas meter free of snow, including the area around and above it.  When the winds pick up and snow begins to drift up along the house, the meter can become buried, which also buries the meter's gas pressure regulator vent.  If this vent is blocked, it can cause natural gas to build up in the home, presenting a danger of explosion or asphyxiation.  The same holds true for any ice that may collect on the meter.  As the days become sunny and warmer, take care to check the gas meter for ice accumulation from snow melt and refreeze or even rain/refreeze.  If you have questions about your gas meter, contact your local home inspector to take a look at it, or if you believe it to be an emergency, contact the gas company.

Good advice Casey. This is

Good advice Casey. This is something most people don't think a bout once the snow flies. But it can be a very real danger. I have seen people put a wooden stake near the meter so they can see it sticking through the snow, and it also serves as a reminder that they need to clear that area. Good information, thanks.

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