Wrigley Field, It's Not

So you think you like those vines on your home?  It really should go without saying that despite some aesthetic appeal or charm that they may have, plants that are growing on (or near) your home are detrimental to the well being of your house.

Vegetation growth on Minnesota home   Electrical wires overgrown on Minnesota home

Plants provide a path for moisture directly to your home.  The roots can push against and move the foundation and branches or vines can damage the siding and roofing, allowing moisture in.  The branches can also grow up enough to interfere with overhead power lines, as seen above.

Insects also tend to enjoy the cover that plants provide.  If there is damage that occurs to your home's external finish, those same insects now have a clear run to the inside of the wall, and will generally take it since it's nice and moist there now!  Carpenter ants, termites, bees...you name it, they'll find their way in.  Now you've possibly got a wood destroying insect living inside your wall...not good!

My advice:  Keep your plants trimmed well back from the roof and siding.  Don't plant trees or shrubs directly next to your house.  And while you may be moving into a home that has these, remember; plants can be moved or replaced at much lower cost than parts of your home.

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